Room 8 Studio Takes Part in GGJ NEXT Panel

Along with internship opportunities, Room 8 Studio contributes to the development of the industry by offering help to aspiring young game developers. Charles A. Villano III, Senior Director of Business Development at Room 8 Studio, recently participated in a panel discussion named: Publishing, Pitching, & Public Relations for Video Games during GGJ NEXT®. This is an annual event operated by the Global Game Jam® catered to young developers (12-17 years old) interested in learning and practicing the art of creating video games. 

GGJ NEXT is designed to stimulate collaboration and teamwork, and Charles presented youngsters with practical and inspirational advice. 

“It’s important to include four things in your pitches: passion, a gameplay demonstration, a monetization model(s) and the realistic ask for budget and/or resources.” Charles described passion as “arguably the most important part of the recipe as the investors are buying you, not just the idea of a game. The investors want to see that you have the passion and the energy to complete the job and inspire the team.”
Charles closed his part of the discussion by offering the advice of not giving up. “Making games is hard work,” he said.  “…some days, it seems that every step forward is met with a challenge. Take breaks, ask questions (forums like GGJ Next are great), think outside of the box, but don’t give up — you’ll be glad you didn’t.”

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