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At Room 8 Studio, we believe that collaboration drives innovation in gaming. We support our partners in game development by providing art production services for PC, console, and mobile gaming experiences.

Our strengths

Consistent art quality

Focused on solutions specific to the game’s overall vision, our creative teams, led by our art directors and project managers, follow a well-established process with quality assurance, regular status reports, and project risk management. We maintain a high standard of quality in each delivery.

  • Style integrity control
  • Constant communication, even remotely
  • Approval of each deliverable
  • Efficient workflow
  • Project risk management
Creative to Creative

A script, an outline, or a verbal pitch – no matter how you deliver your requirements, we turn them into visuals that meet your expectations. To achieve the desired result quickly, we create many random ideas before choosing one final thumbnail to move forward with. We do our “detective work,” build a reference board, and search for a visual language that defines what this specific world will look like.

A variety of art styles

With our extensive experience working on different projects, we have developed a broad creative portfolio with stylized art, semi-realistic art, and artworks for AAA games. Using our well-established art style research pipeline and some niche styles of our selected artists, you can find the best way to communicate your idea to the audience.

  • Photorealistic
  • Semi-realistic
  • Stylized
Cultural awareness

Integrity, commitment, and respect are the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we manage to work successfully with our clients with diverse cultural backgrounds worldwide. We build long-lasting successful partnerships with our clients.

Scalable and flexible team

We have more than 640+ professional artists, motion designers, concept artists, VFX animation specialists, and UI/UX designers. With this capacity, we can take on very large projects. We ensure proven pipelines for style consistency and timely deliveries.

  • Highly specialized teams
  • Team selection by hard skills
  • Dedicated team for large projects
  • Cross-disciplinary expertise
  • Cross-feedback culture
  • Partner pipeline adaptation
Seamless integration flow

Because we have a significant experience with diverse pipelines, we seamlessly integrate them into our partner’s processes and vice versa, minimizing errors and ensuring an efficient production. More than that, our team optimizes our partners’ pipelines. We cover the entire production cycle from pre-production to LiveOps.

  • Experience with diverse pipelines
  • Error minimization
  • Mastery of tools and their combinations
  • Pipeline audit, optimization, testing
  • A variety of communication channels
  • From pre-production to LiveOps
Security standards

We won’t let poor security ruin your game with our security best practices, penetration testing, and an efficient risk management system. At Room 8 Studio, you can get a dedicated Security Center to protect your game from threats and stay safe from hackers.

  • Annual penetration testing
  • Annual сybersecurity level assessment
  • Dedicated Security Center upon request
  • Security information and event management system
  • Endpoint antivirus file security
  • Next-generation firewall
  • ISO 27001


Vadim Kraevoy
Vadim Kraevoy
Head of Studio
Mariya Klymenko
Mariya Klymenko
VP of Production
Dmitriy Koval
Dmitriy Koval
Studio Art Director
Maksim Makovsky
Maksim Makovsky
Technical Art Director
Anastasia Shevchenko
Anastasia Shevchenko
2D Art Director
Eugene Goncharov
Eugene Goncharov
2D Stylized Art Director
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We care about our product, partners, team, and industry. It is the essence of our integrity and the reason behind our top-notch standards in everything we do.


We act with ownership to create results we can take pride in. We set big goals and high expectations to encourage one another toward greatness.


Trust matters when it comes to delivering on commitments. We think ahead and accept responsibility, proactively pursuing the opportunity to improve.


Devotion happens when you enjoy what you do. We see a challenge as a chance to grow and bring great products to life.


We seek out new possibilities to create success. We encourage being proactive and thinking outside the box to drive innovation and make an impact.


Synergy fuels remarkable results. The way we thrive on communication – transparency, alignment, and accountability – defines our culture of co-creation with our partners and within the team.


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Vadim Kraevoy
Head of Studio

Vadim Kraevoy

A manager of a solid growth mindset with a quantifiable track record in running and transforming the studio's art production business. Ability to roll out vision and strategy into viable solutions that meet business goals.

Mariya Klymenko
VP of Production

Mariya Klymenko

Secured the studio's art team ramp-up from 12 to 110+ people in 3 years. Helped 130+ partners ranging from AAA PC/console to mobile casual.

Dmitriy Koval
Studio Art Director

Dmitriy Koval

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision
  • WarThunder, Gaijin Entertainment
  • World of Tanks,
  • Fall Guys, Mediatonic
  • Orcs Must Die 3!, Robot Ent.
  • Crew 2, Ubisoft
Maksim Makovsky
Technical Art Director

Maksim Makovsky

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision
  • OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, 505 Games
  • ROM: Extraction, First Contact Entertainment
  • Archangel, Skydance Interactive
  • Warthunder, Gaijin Entertainment
  • World of Tanks,

Anastasia Shevchenko
2D Art Director

Anastasia Shevchenko

  • Magic SpellSlingers, Wizards of the Coast
  • Metal Hellsinger, The Outsiders
  • Call of Duty: Cold War, Activision
  • Empire and Puzzles, Small Giant Games
  • Monopoly Madness, Ubisoft
  • Humankind, Amplitude Studios
  • Amazon “New World”
Eugene Goncharov
2D Stylized Art Director

Eugene Goncharov

  • Cat Force, Playtika
  • Planet of Heroes,
  • Medals of War, Nitro Games
  • Dawn of Gods, Arena Games
  • Dragon Strike, Ember Ent.

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Vadim Kraevoy
Head of Studio
Vadim Krayevoy