Bring your game to life with animations and visual effects that keep players engrossed in a gameplay. We animate fantasy creatures, human characters, vehicles, environments, props, and even hard surface objects.


2D animation

With more than a decade of experience in art and animation at Room 8 Studio, we know how to communicate a story by moving characters in a way that engages viewers. You can create original, appealing, and cost-effective animations for your 2D games with us.

3D animation

Jump, fall, walk, dance, disappear, reappear, zig-zag, spin, explode – our professional motion artists create 3D animations that make a character move naturally. We produce realistic animations by adhering to the laws of physics and Disney’s 12 principles of animation.

Character setup

Make the animation feel intuitive with skeleton creation, skeleton placement, and rig creation.

Cutscene animation

With our niche skillset (we work with Niagara, Cascade, Houdini, and Embergen) and an understanding of math and art, we create remarkable real-time experiences that run on the target hardware and meet the design purpose of the effect.

Motion capture data clean up

Animate digital models by performing motion capture and applying it to 3D characters.

Splash screen

Design a splash screen with game info and logo and make it appear while the game is loading.

Character and environment VFX

Create all kinds of visual effects such as magic skills, heavy rain, explosion, waterfalls, smoke, etc.

Real-time VFX

Properly transfer data from graphic packages to Unity or Unreal engine for further use in games.

substance painter substance painter
storyboard pro
photoshop photoshop
dragon bones
after effects
advanced skeleton
3ds max

Selected works

Destroy All Humans! 2
PC, Console
Hotel Transylvania
Rumble league
Trivial Pursuit Live! 2
Console, Cloud
PC, Console
Call of Duty Cold War
PC, Console
PC, Console
Wasteland 3
PC, Console
Fall Guys
PC, Console, Cloud
PC, Console, Mobile

Our strengths

40+ skilled animators onboard

With our capacity, you can quickly scale your team at any time. We select artists with relevant expertise to perfectly fit the requirements of your project. Your team will remain constant during the whole project duration.

Efficient animation pipelines

Concepting, modeling, texturing, rigging , skinning, animation, compositing, VFX – we do it all, providing you with turnkey 2D and 3D animation services.

  • 300+ unique rigs performed;
  • 2700 real-time VFX and custom shaders created;
  • 5000+ seconds of animation for PC/console and mobile games;
Accurate body mechanics

Poses and actions we create adhere to the rules of physics and anatomy, making them believable. But we also make sure our animation matches a character’s personality.

Readable in-game animation

Our animators pay a lot of attention to establishing clarity in movement so users can read actions or emotions clearly, and your game is entirely understandable for the audience.

Excellence in delivery

With our approach to project management, regular status reports, and a clear communication plan, you get predictable results and timely delivery.

Art direction

Art direction as a service or art director’s supervision ensures the deliveries match the client’s vision at all stages.

It was again an absolute pleasure to work with Room8 studio. Their support was decisive for the game, and they provided high-quality work, not to mention their enthusiasm and dedication to the project. I was also very welcome when visiting their studio: the team was open to making changes through direct feedback, which was beneficial for the whole project.

Xavier Marot, Line Producer

We knew that bringing ABZÛ to Nintendo Switch would be a significant technical challenge. Our game is built on custom and unique gameplay systems and advanced rendering technologies specific to our underwater world. We initially only targeted higher-end consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. But Room8 studio accepted that challenge with tireless enthusiasm and talent, and the results were fantastic. They’ve delivered a version of ABZÛ with very few compromises that still captures all of the atmosphere and wonder of our world.

Giant squid
Giant squid
Derek Cornish, Tech Director

Kung Fu Factory and Room8 studio are a team and go far beyond a typical outsourcing relationship. They are friends, collaborators, and devoted creative partners, and we are honored and lucky to work with such talented rockstars.

Kung fu Factory
Kung fu Factory
Daryl Pitts, Director

Room8 was able to quickly adapt to our rapid development methods, delivering on style and on time, helping us keep our launch schedule and quality.

Future play
Future play
Samuli Snellman, Art lead

Room8 Studio has been fantastic to work with! Their talented, adaptable crew has tackled every kind of project we've thrown their way and always delivered at a high quality. Communication is consistent and clear as they help us find the best balance of speed, quality, and cost. It's a challenge to find capable artists that are a pleasure to work with, but we're happy to say Room8 Studio is on our shortlist.

Cory Gustke, Producer

Night School partnered with Room8 Studio for a high-profile, fast turnaround project at a pivotal moment in our studio's evolution. Communication is paramount to our small team, and we were frankly a little skittish about bringing in some external partners to our fluid, loosely structured workflow. Room8 Studio delivered terrific results, displaying technical prowess and reliable production methodologies to get the job done.

Night school
Night school
Sean Krankel, Founder

We worked with Room8 Studio on a very challenging project. Despite all difficulties, Room8 Studio managed to build a very professional team on short notice for us. The tech level has been great, same as execution and communication. We have felt we have a robust and reliable partner who can share all issues we need to tackle and targets we need to meet. I can recommend Room8 Studio to any company as a solid, reliable partner that can meet the most challenging targets on any game development/tech project.

Yevgeniy Maiboroda, R&D Director

We worked with Room 8 for six months to create 3D assets and animations for the game Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch. It was challenging, but they succeeded while being very professional and proactive. They were well organized and good at giving estimations (no budgetary slippage). Finally, they delivered good quality work within schedule.

Future play
Future play
Xavier Marot, Producer

Room 8 took care of all our 3D Art Outsourcing services for a strategic project. Despite highly tight processes and deadlines, the Room 8 team quickly understood our priorities and delivered consistently excellent work throughout the project. Communication with the team was impeccable, which promptly helped us achieve our goals. Our confidence in them is that we entrusted them with creating some critical assets of our game, and they did not disappoint. I look forward to our next collaboration with Room 8!

Nico Soufflet, Outsourcing Producer

Imagine you’re in this situation: you’re pitching three game concepts within three unique genres in three varied art styles to three different clients, and you have less than three weeks to get it done. That’s the situation we found ourselves in, and the only way we could have made it happen was to work with Room 8. Maria and the team accepted the challenge, understood the vision immediately, and delivered high-quality work repeatedly. We can’t wait to work with them again!

Fifth journey
Fifth journey
Craig Derrick, Co-Founder, and CCO

We recently rolled out our new title, Hemp Inc, on the App Store and Google Play. It was developed in partnership with the Room 8 team. Thanks to their unparalleled dedication and experience, we delivered a great quality product on an extremely tight schedule. They understood the project's core idea rapidly and had all the skills to execute the plan. We are looking forward to having a continued relationship with them for Hemp Inc and believe this is just the beginning.

Danny Hammett, CEO

Room 8 is lovely to work with, very focused & high-quality driven. Your friendliness, communication & responsiveness simplify complex projects. Room 8 is a go-to 3D art outsourcing services provider.

Ravi Giriputra, Sr. Outsourcing Producer

We have found the Room8 team to be very professional and creative. The whole team has done an incredible job in creating nearly 30 games which have been successful both on App Store and Google Play.

Mobi Grow
Mobi Grow
Kaarel Kirsipuu, CEO

After exploring many vendors, we chose Room 8 as one of our collaborators on the Buzz Aldrin “Pathways to Mars” project. Easily one of the most intelligent decisions we’ve ever made. Their quality, communication, and attention to detail were excellent. We continue to collaborate with their group on new projects across multiple platforms.

David Sterling, Co-Founder

Room 8 is a wonderful partner. They provide quality art support in a timely and flexible manner. Also, they were able to integrate seamlessly into our pipeline. The whole crew is friendly and great to work with. I highly recommend their 3d art services!

Josh Holley, Art Director

I have to tell you that I was very impressed with the technical ability of your team.
The multi-player especially was a near-impossible task. Having the physics even close to the same on two devices was always tricky. I tested the game on two very different devices, and I was amazed at how well it worked. Communication was brilliant throughout the project - any questions or advice I required was provided quickly, and your team was cheerful and friendly.

Elliot Curtis
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