Archangel by Skydance Interactive Is Out

It’s always good to see great titles by our partners released. Twice as good when Room 8 Studio was part of it. This time it’s Archangel by Skydance Interactive.

It is the first original VR title developed by Skydance. Archangel garnered “Best VR Game” Awards at E3 2017 from Geek Citadel, MMOGames, and MEUPS4.  This action-packed, story-driven shooter created for virtual reality is just doomed for success.

The game is now available on PSVR and Steam VR, so it’s high time to test it out. Archangel delivers state-of-the-art VR gameplay with detailed graphics, engaging narrative, and explosive action. Step into the cockpit on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive today!



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    Elena Natsvlishvili
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