Games Gathering 2018 Recap: The Insights You Don’t Want to Miss

The Games Gathering conference this year was a smashing success! We at Room 8 Studio were happy to sponsor the global game industry event that united 2500 attendees from 30 countries and share our vision and experience with them! Four talented and skilled Room8ers delivered speeches on the hottest game development topics like baking for the game assets, FPS weapon creation, Unity VFX, and efficient implementation of 3Ds Max Biped rig.

Maksim Makovsky, 3D photoreal environment and hard surface Team Lead at Room 8 Studio, shared his valuable expertise on avoiding the most common mistakes in HighPoly production and what you should think about before creating an asset for the game. In addition, Maksim revealed the concepts of normals and shading on LowPoly and UV features for baking.

Our Lead 3D Artist – Kirill Udodov, shared best practices on effective weapon creation for AAA titles during his session based on his profound knowledge and in-depth experience in multiple projects. Kirill uncovered in detail particular pipelines he uses in his work to reach impressive results that make customers delighted.

Dmytro Vusatyi, the Lead VFX Artist at Room 8 Studio, indicated the key pillars important for AAA studios when they pick artists, based on Room 8 Studio’s experience with some famous titles. Also, Dmytro spoke about the Unity VFX pipeline used for ‘GWENT: The Witcher Card Game’ during our successful collaboration with CD Projekt RED.

From Nikolai Salikhov’s (Animation Team Lead at Room 8 studio) point of view, Biped is still one of the top tools for productive animation creation. His speech was based on our experience gained from Hotel Transylvania: Monsters project. Nikolai presented practical advice on producing expressive, cartoony animations using 3Ds Max Biped Rig and making AAA companies proud of your animation team.

Room 8 team was also honored to have our Environment Artist at Trailer Production, Sergey Egorov as a battle master of the Environment Modeling Battle. Sergey revealed some valuable tips and tricks for creating a realistic environment during the process. In addition, our experienced colleagues Daniel Kyrsa, Vadim Kraevoy, and Mikhail Moiseenko took on a pleasant and honorable mission of tracking moderation to support the speakers during their presentations.

Thank you all who joined our speakers in the cozy GG halls. It was good to see rooms full of an attentive and active audience. Keep following our social networks for those who couldn’t attend personally to get a deeper insight into topics covered by Room 8 Studio presenters. We will announce as soon as articles based on presentation materials appear in our blog.

The atmosphere of networking was fantastic all two days. We met many of our market peers and got acquainted with some new game industry players. Although we’ve been involved in the organization, we held numerous meetings where we discussed potential business partnerships and pitched our solutions and services. Global industry events like the Games Gathering conference prove the current trend followed by most companies in the market. Game developers and publishers aren’t looking for a one-time partnership; they would like to find a reliable partner and build long-term co-development collaboration with a company that can adapt their culture, be aligned with their vision, and complies with their standards. Our colleagues from Finland, Israel, and other countries that joined the event this year showed deep interest in co-creating with Ukrainian studios on a long-term basis.

Besides a business partnership with game developers and publishers, we at Room 8 Studio are always open to collaboration with experienced and talented individuals. If you want to improve and develop your professional skills, you are a passionate gamer and willing to work on cool, challenging projects; we invite you to join our fast-growing team. Take your chance and send your application via the form on our website.

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