Playable Ads Now on Facebook: Acquire Players Who Love Your Game

Mobile advertising continues to grow and innovate at high speed. A playable ad is one of the hottest and ground-breaking mobile ad formats that consistently won marketers’ hearts and one network after another during the last four years. Now the time came for Facebook! The technology giant made the benefits of this format of the ad available for game marketers and has enhanced its features with robust targeting capabilities to provide an opportunity to reach and connect with the higher-intent players.

Room 8 Studio has supported its partners with the technology for over a year, creating interactive playable ads for casual card battlers, match 3, social casinos, farm games, and other genres. We usually start with a thorough study of the product, its target audience, and UA strategy to synchronize with the brand and its needs to contribute creatively to the entire product promotion process. It usually takes around four weeks to develop the ready-to-use HTML5 playable item, MRAID compatible, cross-platform, and adapted for main ad networks.

The playable ads are rolling out globally, boosting massive game installs and connecting marketers, developers, and publishers with more qualified players. With Facebook’s retention and value optimization tools, this ad format will become the best solution for reaching, acquiring, and engaging pre-qualified, high LTV players at scale. 

We see a huge demand for this format of ads on the mobile market nowadays. We have produced more than 20 playable ads only during the last six months! A new form of immersive user interaction with the product that can quickly increase UA campaign conversions up to 20-30% is a pure win-win strategy for any marketer compared to the cost of development. Are playable ads the New Black for marketing in entertainment?

Gleb Platonov, Head of Games, Room 8 Studio.

Game developers and publishers as Rovio that have already tried and seen playable ads’ ability to drive results acknowledged a 3.2 times improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS) on Android, a 1.4 times improvement in ROAS on iOS, and significantly improved retention rates amongst players compared to a standard video ad. Most of the partners agree that video ads are often successful because they show what to expect from the game and encourage downloading it. But playable ads one-up that experience, especially when we talk about spending to produce the video ad. Not to mention that Facebook’s version of playable ads is a bit different, launching a video of the game first and then inviting to interact with a game-like ad.

Have an idea for a playable ad? Contact our business development team today to see how we can leverage our experience to drive massive installs of your game!

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