Recap: CG Event 2017

We are looking back to Dec 2-3 and feeling thankful to be a part of CG Event 2017 Moscow. The warming atmosphere gathered over 500 professionals under the same roof to gain useful knowledge in various Art directions and networking.

Room 8 wasn’t aside from the program also this time. Maksim Makovsky, our Lead 3D Artist, shared his knowledge on baking normal maps with those passionate about creating 3D Art. Thanks to all who attended our lecture!

The event proved to be rich in experiences. The flows about visual effects and motion design were beneficial, based on the speaker set and various techniques they shared with the audience. On the other side, we had a chance to synchronize with the people of the same mindset and received some valuable insights on time spent on different kinds of work and how to log it efficiently.

The most popular topics discussed widely at sessions and behind the scenes were unique style, current trends, and professional burnout of artists. We would like to highlight the point from Alexander Nemov, Lead 2D Artist of Banzai Games: “inheriting style of the preceding parts is acceptable when it was successful. Although, an artist has to implement new techniques and trends.”

It was also a pleasure to meet some old friends and new ones.

We are looking forward to the next CG Event!

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