Room 8 Group Expands Art Team in Brazil, Enhancing Global Presence

Room 8 Group, an end-to-end strategic partner in external game development, is proud to announce the expansion of the Art Team in Brazil. Extending our efforts to South America is a significant step in strengthening our international presence. 

One of the key decisions over the past few years was the acquisition of PUGA, a renowned Brazilian art studio, back in 2022. Since then, both PUGA and Massive Black were integrated into the Room 8 Studio brand, forming a single art solution and further expanding its versatile and all-encompassing set of expertise.

Our collaboration with Room 8 Group transcends mere merger; it is a vibrant fusion of talent and passion. Together, we are extending the influence of Brazilian art expertise and creativity throughout the global gaming industry. With purposeful team building and a dedication to collaboration, we cultivate an environment where each member can enrich their work with their unique history, culture, and life experiences, ensuring our collective success

Rodrigo Carneiro, Head of Market at Room 8 Group and former CEO of PUGA

We are excited to welcome new team members and foster a culture of striving creativity together. Join Room 8 Group in shaping the future of game development in Brazil by checking out relevant job openings on the Careers page

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