Room 8 Studio Back From XDS 2017

It was the third time Room 8 Studio attended External Development Summit and the first time we sponsored it. We were happy to have top industry professionals discussing the latest trends in external game development at Collaboration space. The scene welcomed, among others: David Lam (Bioware)Dennis Cooper (Telltale Games), and Carla Rylance (The Coalition).

The event was a busy one where one would forget about lunch in a sequence of exciting meetings. Our attendees, Maria Klymenko, Anna Berdnyk, and Gleb Platonov, managed to arrange 40+ official meetings, discuss 100+ projects and bring home significant contracts.

Before the event, we’d received invitations to the Speakers dinner hosted by Virtuos and the Boat party organized by Waterproof Studios. We unquestionably accepted and had a chance to enjoy a friendly atmosphere of a niche community of game developers and vendors. Through all networking events, including after-parties, we’ve established many new contacts and shared the Studio’s updates with our friends.

Overall, the summit was not only fun but productive. Next year, we will be back in Vancouver to show our work progress and communicate in person with people who rule in the game industry.

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Vadim Kraevoy
Head of Studio
Vadim Krayevoy