Room 8 Studio’s Journey with Battlefield 2042: Overcoming Creative Challenges and Evolving

Room 8 Studio got to work on the popular FPS game, Battlefield 2042. We started working with EA DICE in 2021 when our artists chipped in with some concept art for a mobile military FPS game. EA DICE gave us a shot with a test task for their next big hit, and that’s when we joined the Battlefield 2042 dev journey.

Before the Game Came Out

Initially, our crew was small, with Mikhail Golovin, a lead artist, leading the pack. We mainly worked on character concept art and incredibly cool soldier skins. We faced a challenge with a technique called photobashing, which we needed to gain more experience with at the time. But Mikhail Golovin took it upon himself to develop the photobash production line and set up everything we needed from scratch.

To make the game seem futuristic but still real, we looked at real-life military gear like exoskeletons and AR helmets. This influenced our design choices and aligned the skins with the game’s vibe. We were super careful with the details to ensure the skins could be animated in the game without messing up the exoskeleton design.

Collaboration was essential during the pre-release phase. We had regular chats with the client about the game’s backstory and technical stuff. The early days were about finding the right art direction and trying new things. The client let us play around with different styles that suited the game. This gave us a chance to dig into the skin design and spend lots of time perfecting them, and we ended up with some awesome stuff.

After the Game Came Out

Once the game was out, EA DICE fine-tuned the game’s art direction, revisiting the creative strategy and setting a new vision for each season. Thanks to the client’s flexibility, our art production process got smoother and more efficient.

With this new direction, the Studio team got even more freedom to get creative. The client’s briefs let us go out on a limb, asking us to present a few options that stuck to the brief and then a few more where we could let our creativity shine. We’re happy EA DICE often went with these wild-card choices for the final game. 

Despite some challenges on the road, our artists contributed big time thanks to well-defined processes, guidelines, and a solid understanding of the project. Room 8 Studio’s 3D modeling and photobashing skills improved, helping us work smarter and come up with new ideas for concept art.


Room 8 Studio’s work with Battlefield 2042 shows what you can do when you’re determined to overcome creative hurdles. We started with just a handful of resources and a steep learning curve, but our artists seized the chance to try new things and make a mark on one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world. As Battlefield expands, Room 8 Studio is thrilled to be a trusted partner to EA DICE, giving us all to make terrific games for players everywhere.

Want a deeper dive into our Battlefield 2042 project? Head to our Portfolio and feast your eyes on all the creative goodness! Catch you there! 🚀

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