Room 8 Team in Saint Petersburg

For more than two months, the guys from the Art Division were competing for the travel for an artistic conference, Artillery: Second Shot. And we hope that the prize was worth our participants’ efforts.

On 23-25 June 2017, four White Nights Art Battle winners and other colleagues from Art Division visited Saint Petersburg. Besides the conference, our team managed to sightsee the cultural capital, visit the Hermitage, attend “Scarlet Sails,” and be inspired by the majestic city architecture.

The Conference itself was informative and exciting. Ten team members represented room 8 Studio. Generally, the event assembled 500 artists and eight speakers worldwide, including Ruan Jia, Ayran Oberto, Lip Comarella, Andrea Blasich, etc.

 We shared our experience with other artists during lectures, got acquainted with speakers, contributed to their workshops, made several statutory arts, and even performed as an interpreter for the guests. The biography of the famous artists inspired us to work hard and receive new achievements. After the event, the team communicated in informal surroundings with the cult figures of many people, such as Ruan JiaAyran Oberto, and Andrea Blasich.

Hope such events as White Nights Art Battle will become an ordinary practice for Room 8 Studio. We will do our best to create possibilities for our team to attend even more significant conferences to become a more desirable studio.

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