Time Travel Escape is live on Google Play & App Store!

Time Travel Escape is the first game in the series that lets you travel not only through space but through time! You will visit Ice Age, ancient Japan, Middle Ages, Napoleonic Wars, etc. Break codes, solve puzzles, and use all your logic to escape! But be careful not to ruin the cause & effect relationship, or else you might return to a place that is not the one you left in the first place.

Browsing through a job search site, you stumble upon an exciting vacancy – “Looking for a time traveler.” You read further: “Looking for a healthy, young man or woman to commit a series of time travels.

The time machine is stable, but it wasn’t tested on people yet. You have a great chance of becoming the world’s first-time traveler! Paying a fixed amount for the experiment and 25% of my future Nobel prize.”
You are interested enough to check out who is the mad man that wrote it. Or is it true?..

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