Two new planes incoming for Gaijin’s War Thunder latest update


The P-61’s appearance is highly unusual. Its stepped cabin is somehow reminiscent of the cockpit on modern attack helicopters. Note that the Black Widow model correctly duplicates the canopy framing of the cockpit and the hatch through which the pilot and radar operator entered the vehicle. The gunner, seated in the rear of the fuselage, had an excellent panoramic view to the back – our artists carefully recreated his cabin in the in-game model.

A Rare Bird – Do 335

As for the vehicle performance and the aircraft’s combat characteristics, it should be noted that experimental models built by Claudius Dornier featured an incredible speed in level flight (perhaps they were the fastest piston-powered aircraft of WW2), a powerful armament consisting of 20mm and 30mm cannons and also its capability of carrying bombs both on the wing pods and in the bomb bay.

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