Hello and thank you for undertaking this Test Assignment!

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Check the Technical Requirements carefully twice before starting to do the Test.
  • Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality level is what we expect from you.
  • Track the time spent for each Test stage and note it.
  • Save the preview of each finished stage.
  • After finishing the Test, put all source files and previews in one archive.
  • Place the archive in the cloud storage (DropBox or Google Drive with open access via link) with naming convention surname_testname.zip)
  • After finishing the test assignment please state the time spent on its completion and send us all the source files for review.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist or email us at art.ta@room8studio.com 


Final delivery format – Spine source file and Video Preview


  • provide concepts, paint-overs, mood boards, that you use to create the animation.

This is great to evaluate your process.

Number of deliveries for review – 2 deliveries:

Stage 1, stage 2

Estimated time:

  • Stage 1 – 4 hours
  • Stage 2 – 16 hours

Contact person concerning TA – Talent Acquisition Specialist



In the archive attached, you would find 2 characters: Fox and Piggy

Piggy character has a ready-made Rig. You could use it for the animation.

Please create Rig/Skin for Fox character based on the example of Piggy

Technical specification:

  • 100 bones and 1000 vertexes is a maximum

One delivery for review

Estimated time – 4 hours


We would like you to design and create 3 simple animations for each character based on his personality:

  • Run for both Piggy and Fox;

  • Idle for both Piggy and Fox;

  • Attack for Fox;

  • Hit (receiving damage) for Piggy;

The plot is next – Imegine that you are making fighting game. Fox and Piggy are on the battle arena. Both characters start with Idle, then they run towards each other. Fox attacks Piggy and Piggy recieves damage.

Please take these points into account:

  • Focus on the Readable and Well expressed Key poses;

  • Show up the character personality;

  • Consider that these are in-game cycles;

Second delivery for review

Estimated time – two working days


Please, send the result directly to your Talent Acquisition Specialist or email us at art.ta@room8studio.com

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