Hello and thank you for undertaking this Test Assignment!

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Check the Technical Requirements carefully twice before starting to do the Test.
  • Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality level is what we expect from you.
  • Track the time spent for each Test stage and note it.
  • Save the preview of each finished stage.
  • After finishing the Test, put all source files and previews in one archive.
  • Place the archive in the cloud storage (DropBox or Google Drive with open access via link) with naming convention surname_testname.zip)
  • After finishing the test assignment please state the time spent on its completion and send us all the source files for review.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Recruiter or email us to hr.art@room8studio.com.


Create game-ready asset of Coleman Gasoline Iron from the Reference slide.

Technical requirements:

  • Polycount: 5-6K triangles
  • Texture size: minimum with required texel density
  • Texel Density: 2048px/m2
  • Specular/Glossiness pipeline

Please follow these steps during the process:

  • Blockout of main forms and proportions
  • Highpoly detailed mesh
  • Lowpoly
  • UVs and bakes
  • Texturing (Substance Painter)
  • Import and set-up in Marmoset

Note: Main photos are available in the Reference Slides. Feel free to search for additional references.

You are free to use any modelling software you like, however please take notes of the final delivery formats:

  • Lowpoly mesh in Maya scene;
  • Additional OBJ and FBX files;
  • Substance Painter scene;
  • Zbrush for highpoly model;
  • Marmoset scene;
  • Screenshots of each stage are mandatory

Technical Recommendations:

  • Keep forms and proportions as close as possible to the reference, even in the smallest details.
  • Do addition reference research to create a model as close as possible to the real world one.
  • Highpoly must have clean forms and sooth transitions between surfaces. Without any wobbling or unnecessary bends of form. Edges must have the proper radius for the best baking results.
  • Create lowpoly clean and thoughtfully spread topology. Make sure the big rounded forms looks smooth, and have less noticeable jagged edges.
  • Create UVs according to the texel density and cover as much UV space as possible. UVs must be alleged and packed properly for the best baking result.
  • Bakes must be clean. All edges should have radius baked in normal map.
  • Texture the asset as close as possible to the reference. Make texturing as reach of details and variations as possible. Avoid using only default generators for texturing. Add as mush as possible hand work to the textures. Texturing is an extremely important step, so make sure you deliver the best texturing result that you could.



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