Hello and thank you for undertaking this Test Assignment!

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Check the Technical Requirements carefully twice before starting to do the Test.
  • Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality level is what we expect from you.
  • Track the time spent for each Test stage and note it.
  • Save the preview of each finished stage.
  • After finishing the Test, put all source files and previews in one archive.
  • Place the archive in the cloud storage (DropBox or Google Drive with open access via link) with naming convention surname_testname.zip)
  • After finishing the test assignment please state the time spent on its completion and send us all the source files for review.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Recruiter or email us to hr.art@room8studio.com.


Create game-ready asset from the Concept slide.

Please follow these steps during the process:

  • Highpoly detailed mesh (sculpt)
  • Lowpoly / UVs / Bakes
  • Texturing (Substance Painter)

You are free to use any modeling software you like, however, please take notes of the final deliveries formats:

  • ZTL Zbrush for highpoly model
  • Maya .ma scene with lowpoly mesh
  • Substance Painter scene
  • Screenshots of each stage. Upload all folders separately and don’t compress them into one archive.



  • Please pay attention to the basic proportions and the way different plates of armor are attached to each other.
  • All damage and noise should be present in layers, try to do exactly as much damage as it is on the references, the materials should feel slightly used.
  • Feel free to search for additional references and add them to your delivery pack if you do so.
  • Don’t add surface details such as fabric pattern or leather pattern on highpoly, it will be batter to add such details on textures later.


Please make HighPoly folder on Google Drive and upload ZTL file (AssetName.ztl) with highpoly model and ONE jpg file with 8-angle good quality screenshots (AssetName.jpg).

Basic Material should be assigned to the model.

  • Polycount – 15k tris;
  • Parts of the object that are poorly or not visible at all should be collapsed for polygon economy;
  • Good practice is to make an additional edge in angles 90° or less;
  • Unwrap the entire object into a single texture: no symmetrical details, unique, no Texel density restrictions, minimum amount of empty space on the UVs;
  • Format NM – Direct X;
  • Texture size – 4096×4096.


Create LowPoly folder in google drive and upload the following files to it:

  • .ma file with lowpoly mesh;
  • 1 jpg file with 4-angle good quality wireframe screenshots;
  • 1 jpg file with UV screenshot and the model with checker texture assigned to it (4 angles).

Create Bakes folder in google drive and upload the following files to it:

  • Substance file with AO and Normal Map baked;
  • 1 jpg with 4 angle screenshot of a shaded model (50% grey albedo, 50% roughness, 0 metallic shader assigned to it);
  • 1 jpg with 4 angle screenshot of Normal Map in 3d view;
  • 1 jpg with 4 angle screenshot of AO in 3d view.

When reviewing this step we’ll pay attention to:

  • UV. Filled density and texel density. Stretches. Padding;
  • Quality of Normal Map, AO;
  • Polycount, topology.
  • Within the test assignment you should prepare a full set of maps
  • Use metal-roughness workflow in Substance Painter;
  • Texture size – 4096×4096;
  • At this stage you need to make ready asset look as similar to the reference as possible;
  • All materials should look slightly used;


Create Textures folder in google drive and upload the following files to it:

  • Substance file with the textured model;
  • 1 jpg file with 4-angle good quality screenshots.

At this step we’ll pay attention to your ability:

  • to create materials and their properties;
  • to work with new or slightly used materials;
  • to create a variety of colors within each material;
  • to draw accents, a sense of composition within a single asset.



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