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Please follow these guidelines:

  • Before you proceed with the task, please evaluate it and send us the estimated time of completion for each stage.

  • The Technical Requirements for this assignment are on the Task Description slide

  • Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality level is what we expect of you.

  • Please, save the preview of each finished stage and send it with the final delivery.

  • After finishing the test assignment please state the time spent on its completion and send us all the source files for review.

Here you can find an additional checklist that will help you better understand the test task, as well as get better result.

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Create game-ready asset (Clock from the Concept slide) based on the Concept.

Technical requirements:

  • Polycount: optimized low-poly, bevels are allowed where you consider it necessary.
  • Texture size: 1024, 1 material.
  • Optimal UV, good Texel, reuses are a plus.
  • PBR pack for Unreal Engine Albedo (+Alpha channel if needed), Normal (DirectX), RMA (Roughness, Metalness, AO)
  • All TGA (24 bits exception if Albedo has Alpha channel) 1024×1024
  • Metal/Roughness pipeline.

Please follow these steps during the process:

  • Blockout of main forms and proportions
  • Highpoly detailed mesh (sculpt)
  • Lowpoly
  • UVs and bakes
  • Texturing (Substance Painter)

You are free to use any modelling software you like, however please take notes of the final delivery formats:

  • Lowpoly mesh in Maya scene (.ma format) + final FBX;
  • Substance Painter scene + Set of TGA textures;
  • Zbrush for Highpoly model (.fbx and .ztl);
  • Set of references used for work;
  • Screenshots of each stage (1-5).




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