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Mediatonic has requested a presentation for a specific scope of work for their upcoming project. They require assistance with Stylized Characters Concept Art, 3D Characters, and Characters Animation. Their aim is to develop a new game with a comparable style to their prior games, but with new and rejuvenating features.


To create a Google Slides presentation that captures a similar client’s visual style and features relevant references from the Room 8 Studio’s prior projects. The presentation should also contain concise written descriptions of the services offered. The presentation should consist of the following sections:

  1. Introduction Page.
  2. Brief description of the Requested Services.
  3. Perfect Alignment: Explain how the Studio’s services will perfectly align with the client’s request.
  4. References for Required Services: Provide various collage formats as references for the required services. Each reference slide should have a brief description of the service, limited to 40 words per slide.
  5. Stylized Character Concept: Briefly describe.
  6. 3D Characters: Briefly describe.
  7. Studio General Information: Provide general information about Room 8 Studio and its operations.
  8. Studio Portfolio Page: Showcase the Studio’s portfolio and highlight notable projects.
  9. Similar Games Studio has Worked On: Highlight other games that Room 8 Studio has worked on.
  10. Thank You: Conclude the presentation by expressing short gratitude to the client for their time and consideration and provide the selling background.

Please use Room 8 Studio style guide for your presentation.

Delivery Format: Google Slides and PDF.


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