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Please follow these guidelines:

  • Check the Technical Requirements carefully twice before starting to do the Test.
  • Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality level is what we expect from you.
  • Track the time spent for each Test stage and note it.
  • Save the preview of each finished stage.
  • After finishing the Test, put all source files and previews in one archive.
  • Place the archive in the cloud storage (DropBox or Google Drive with open access via link) with naming convention surname_testname.zip)
  • After finishing the test assignment please state the time spent on its completion and send us all the source files for review.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Recruiter or email us to hr.art@room8studio.com.


Please read the description and links provided first. Start by collecting your own references on the moodboard and create your character based on a description that fits the requirements. Submission for review must contain all stages in an archive (.png + .psd formats) with the appropriate name.


  • Selection of links, creation of a mood board
  • x3 character design sketch (rough sketches defining structure, design and anatomy)
  • Polishing of the selected sketch

Number of hours for performing the TA:

24-32 hours

Contact person concerning TA:



Our hero is a Cyber ninja who escaped from the clan killing its chief, and now the strongest fighters are looking for him. He is a free agent who is hired for the toughest jobs. His perfectionism and secretiveness made him the best at contract killings. Has cyber implants as a reminder of the clan’s betrayal. He’s proficient with melee weapons and never uses firearms. The character is very rich, loves stylish clothes and looks after his appearance.


Photobash/Partial photobash



Reference projects:

Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Rogue Company, Bloodshot, Ghostrunner, Battlefield 2042


  • The character has his own characteristics, so the clothing design should reflect them. Clothing style must be Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi/Military
  • Design and color scheme should be concise and clear. Particularly suitable for the aesthetics of players aged 18 to 26 (such as students). Try not to focus on younger age. But it should not be designed with heavy RPG equipment.
  • The design should be clear and convenient for 3D modeling, as well as for promotional concepts.



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