3D environment & hard surface

From terrain to the sky and everything in between, we get hired to create cohesive 3D worlds attuned to a story’s unique characters and props, following the artistic direction and production deadlines.



With our firm knowledge of architectural elements, natural environments, composition, lighting, and props, we create highly-detailed photorealistic elements that respect the artistic vision, meet the technical requirements and quality expectations.

See 3D environment portfolio

Racing vehicles

From Formula to GT and more, we create digital replicas of the most prominent cars ever designed,  polishing them to match the game style. We work closely with the game development and design teams to ensure optimal use of polygons, shaders, and textures.

See racing vehicles portfolio

Hard surface

Our team creates appealing and life-like machinery, gadgets, weapons, trains, and architectural elements for PC and consoles in a realistic, stylized, or cartoon style.

See hard surface portfolio

Set dressing

As a team that covers all stages of 3D environment art, we also populate the location with assets to create a believable setup for the story. Our detail-oriented approach to set dressing helps make locations look immersive.

Advanced materials

We create materials of any complexity from scratch, including the unique, highly photorealistic materials that mimic the imperfection of the surface of natural objects. We’re experts at photogrammetry process and PBR workflows.


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Selected works

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Our strengths

250+ skilled 3D artists onboard

With our capacity, you can quickly scale your team at any time. We select artists with relevant expertise to perfectly fit the requirements of your project. Your team will remain constant during the whole project duration.

Exceptional art skills

We have a highly developed understanding of composition, texture, lighting, and color to produce cutting-edge environments with additional assets, including highly photorealistic materials that mimic the surface imperfection of real objects.

Shipped popular AAA titles

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with Remedy, Ubisoft, Starbreeze, and more as their art partners. We’ve been through multiple AAA development cycles and shipped some of the best-or-breed AAA titles, including Call of Duty and The Walking Dead.

Strong internal QA

Room 8 Studio has a stringent art quality process to ensure the impeccability of our solutions that balance aesthetics and game performance. Our artwork goes through several assessment levels before it gets shipped to a client.

Context and consistency principles

Every asset we create makes sense in a given context and works in tune with the gameplay. We stay within the game style and keep the aesthetics consistent while immersing a player deeply into the game.

Art direction

Art directors supervise our art team. They ensure that the level design, narrative, and gameplay requirements are met and all mission-critical elements are included. Our deliveries always match our client’s vision at all stages of the pipeline.

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