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Room 8 Studio is an international art production and game development outsourcing company that provides external services worldwide! We are proud to work with seven of ten global publishers, including Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and others. Together, we create exceptional projects, bringing the game development industry to a new level of quality and creativity. We cover a wide range of high-end solutions, from mobile and console game porting to AAA game art, television, and film animation.

  • Locations: Canada
  • Cooperation: Remote
  • Languages: English
  • Team: Production

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We are looking for a Title Producer who can help us successfully deliver titles in our Art Service Line. The role of a Title Producer is crucial as they are responsible for overseeing the entire production process from the estimation and pitch creation all the way through to ensuring the final product is delivered safely, creatively, on budget and on time. As a Title Producer, you'll be working closely with our team of Art Producers to ensure everything runs smoothly and we can deliver the best possible results to our clients.

you have are

  • Experience in project management: software development projects, computer graphics, digital, trailer production;
  • Proven track record of successful game titles delivery (either full production project or full art development);
  • Proven track record managing 2+ managers working on 1 title, with the total team size of 25+ people;
  • Knowledge of time-tracking and CRM systems work principles (Jira, Asana, Redmine, etc.);
  • Advanced skills in working with formulas and reporting, using tools like Google Sheets/Excel to analyze data;
  • Knowledge of WBS creation and project planning;
  • Financial management expertise;
  • Excellent time management skills;
  • Ability to manage risks effectively;
  • Understanding of art pipelines and estimations process;
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills;
  • Result-oriented mindset and readiness for long-term cooperation;
  • Advanced level of proficiency in English, both in speaking and writing.

You’re a rockstar
if you have

  • Basic knowledge of software such as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, After Effects, etc.;
  • Higher education (a degree in management or business is a plus);
  • Project Management Certificates.

As a part of Room 8
studio, you will

  • Be involved in project estimation and pitch preparation for clients
  • Interact with other service lines during pre-sale and sales processes; 
  • Present pitch with estimation to the Client. 
  • Act as a main production contact point for all production matters for the title assigned; 
  • Establish project reporting lines and communication plan for successful title delivery;
  • Set up and manage all supporting tools for title management, such as Google Sheets templates, Confluence pages, Handbook creation and upkeeping, Slack chats, Reporting files etc; 
  • Monitor budget and compliance;
  • Control the intermediate title budget and margin, compare it with the initial indices, notify stakeholders of changes and update budget models after receiving an approval; 
  • Maintain or increase actual title margin across all milestones and types of work;
  • Communicate with internal and external project stakeholders;
  • Overview delivery process across all milestones and types of work, guide the effectiveness of feedback execution, making sure production team complies with Definition of Done and delivery schedule;
  • Work with art guidances and technical requirements;
  • Be involved in Resource planning and production team management (internal artists, freelancers);
  • Participate in the development of the Production team and knowledge-sharing.

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