Firing Up Digital Dragons Conf This May

We feel your pain:

  • We know it’s hard to make a great game
  • We know it’s hard to pitch it
  • We can help with both

How? We’ll explain pretty soon. On the 27-28 of May, Digital Dragons in Poland, the largest business conference dedicated to digital entertainment in Central Europe, will become a stage for many great talks this year, one of them being a 3-hour Express Workshop On How To Pitch And Not Drop Dead, to be delivered by Art Producer at Room 8 Studio Mikhail Moiseenko together with Louis Rene Auclair from RocketJump Games, and Philippe Laurens from Tap2Fun. The 3-hour workshop will take place on the first day of the conf, where registrees will get their pitches reviewed, listen to some concentrated advice from the mentors in their 30-minute talks on Business, Production/Engineering, and Art/Design, then build pitching decks, and, ultimately, present them. Here’s a link to register.

But before pitching a game, you have to build one, right? Our Business Development Manager Anna Berdnyk will be wandering Digital Dragons halls, happy to meet up and discuss full-cycle co-development or how we can help with any stage of the production process, showcasing the development and porting projects for publishers like 505 Games, Annapurna Interactive, Ubisoft and others along the way.

Speaking of art: we’ve packed our portfolio with characters and environment concept art, UI/UX, 2D stylized art, illustrations, etc. All of these, plus our works in animation, VFX, and UA video production, are on our updated ArtStation profile.

And finally, let’s make it to the release together! Here’s our presentation on playable ads to gear up.

Let’s meet? See you there!

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