Gamescom 2018’s Hottest News and Games We Liked

With Gamescom 2018 behind us, we thought Room 8 Studio team had a look back and rounded up all the most incredible things we saw. To start with – happy 10th anniversary to Gamescom – it was energized and huge! Around 370,000 visitors, including 31,200 exhibitors from 114 countries, enjoyed the guiding theme of “Diversity wins,” which characterized the conference in Cologne this year. While it may not feature the same number of big announcements as at E3, Gamescom2018 nonetheless revealed various games and trends!

Even though we had many official meetings, we kept bumping into friends with whom we discussed the present and future opportunities and how we could support them in their game development projects. What’s more, we gained first-hand insights just right from games industry key players! The most emotional changes touched the external development market, significantly moving from just art assets outsourcing to more engineering and complex co-development deals. All game developers and publishers expect creative input and industry expertise, not only the specifications compliance, based on world-class business processes and a flawless pipeline between internal and external teams. Last but not least, playable ads became the new black in games marketing, showing significant record performance.

Besides, the event gave us a better look at many of the big titles we already knew about. We were impressed by Cyberpunk 2077 because CD Projekt Red came to Gamescom to show off a demo! And like everyone, we were buzzing about Blizzard’s fantastic World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth cinematic. It was great for us to be down there, and as Gamescom sails off for another year – we are looking forward to a 2019 meeting!

Have a game in mind? Contact our business development team today to see how we can leverage our experience to create the game of your dreams!

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