Meet Heroic—the New Trailers & Cinematics Production Studio by Room 8 Group

Room 8 Studio is happy to welcome Heroic, a new studio focused on high-end trailer production for PC, console, and mobile games. Heroic began its journey in 2017 as the Trailers & Cinematics Unit within Room 8 Studio. Today, we are delighted to announce their evolution as Heroic—a new brand and a part of Room 8 Group’s Art Service Line.

Heroic’s creative team is led by Sandy Heslop, an experienced 3D animator, previs artist, and VFX supervisor with 20 years of experience in video games, film, TV, and advertising. The team currently consists of 40+ artists, storytellers, and technicians specializing in CG, cinematic trailers, and in-game cutscenes.

Heroic team’s project list includes trailers for DomiNations, Empires & Puzzles, Legendary: Game of Heroes, Merge Dragons, Outfire, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Superior, and more. Over the last few years, the team has worked with over 15 publishers to create 450 trailers for 25 games.

Overseeing the expansion of the Trailers & Cinematics Unit of Room 8 Studio into a full-fledged brand has been an exciting journey. Heroic has an extensive roadmap for 2023-2025, with plans to work with the latest cloud technologies to enhance our capabilities, as well as support the workflows and pipelines. Being part of such a creative environment full of ambitious, talented, experienced artists is exhilarating, and I am proud to have the privilege of managing the studio’s creative processes.

Sandy Heslop, Head of CG at Heroic

With the new brand launched and two large M&A deals closed in 2022, Room 8 Group proved that we are capable of growing and strengthening our positions in the video game industry despite the global instabilities. In 2023, we do not intend to slow down—and launching a new brand focused on CG and high-end trailer production is only the first step. The team of impassioned experienced artists and storytellers we gathered at Heroic is really one of the strongest in the industry. I have to doubt that in a few years’ time, Heroic is set to become a household name in trailer production.

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Chairman of Room 8 Group

Heroic will be part of Room 8 Group’s Art Service Line led by Vadim Krayevoy. The service line consists of Massive Black and PUGA Studios, the brands added to the roster of Room 8 Group in 2022, as well as Room 8 Studio established in 2011. The current number of specialists working at Art Service Line exceeds 1,000 artists.

Last year was one of the most significant for Room 8 Group in terms of art production. Firstly, we have arrived at the point where our Art Service Line was capable of providing end-to-end art production of any complexity. Secondly, we were significantly boosted by the addition of two studios to the Group’s family of brands. Now, with Heroic launch, our Art Service Line truly becomes one of the best creative crews in the game industry, excelling at all contemporary visual art genres, forms, and mediums.

Anna Kozlova, Room 8 Group CEO

Room 8 Group is a global leader in external art production & game development, and a parent company uniting six studios: Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, Massive Black, Solid Bash, PUGA Studios, and Heroic. The studios can be leveraged individually or at a group level as they work together within a single ecosystem.

Room 8 Group unites over 1700 team members, and operates in multiple locations worldwide, including the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Japan, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

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