This event became history! Almost 2000 attendees, 50+ fascinating sessions, and an incredible gaming atmosphere at Games Gathering 2017. It was the first time Games Gathering Conference became an international event.

We became a part of the event not only by attending but also by sharing our experience in Functional and GUI Automation Testing in the Unity 3D engine! The session by Aleksey Uslavtsev was followed by a set of questions from the audience and ended up with a casual discussion behind the stage.

Networking was awesome! Our team had a chance to communicate with professionals from all over the world and run some business meetings squeezed into tight session schedules. Maria Klymenko, Head of Art Division at Room 8 Studio, was invited to moderate Art flow, which opened the door to communicate one-on-one with all speakers on this flow.

Our game designers found inspiration in the talk “Make games, not documents” by Alexander Protasenya, which was about implementing the acquired knowledge into work sooner! They specifically liked his point that game designers should use the “forgotten” skills like Animation, Coding, and Sound to make the documentation look alive and provide a much more comprehensive range of information than the textual documentation we all are used to.

We can hardly imagine how it’s possible for Games Gathering to be better next year! So looking forward to being a part of it in 2018!

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