Gamescom, Trends 2019 And Co-Development Futures

Being the largest and the most important event of the year for many in the gaming world, GamesCom 2019 provided a snapshot of the global industry ahead of the key holiday season. As expected, it was packed with announcements and hands-on gameplay for this year’s top titles and gave a peek at future industry trends.

“We go to GamesCom with the main goal of building new business connections,” says Kyle Voikin, Business Development Manager at Room 8 Studio. “We had a lot of valuable meetings this year. The key takeaway is that this year, the most trendy request to us is full-cycle development, which is a turnkey assignment for the full engineering scope, game design, game economy, sometimes including also art and animations.”

“Many titles, like Witcher 3, Ori, and the Blind Forest, announced that they are coming to Switch,” adds Daniel Kyrsa, Executive Producer at Room 8 Studio. “This trend is going to expand. For us, that means our porting solution will evolve along with the market demands and offer even more flexible customization options.”

The industry continues to grow: over 350,000 gamers, with a tenth of those being attendees, wandered through the halls of the Cologne conference this year.

“Next year, the event is expected to be even bigger,” says Svetlana Savitskaya, Head of Games Division at Room 8 Studio. “This shows that the gaming business is growing faster than ever. We’re lucky to grow with the industry and expect to take on the new exciting co-development projects next year.”

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